Our Mission

Daniel and Jamie Pasker are wedding videographers in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Daniel and Jamie both graduated from Clemson University and upon graduating moved to the beautiful Myrtle Beach area to start a business...then another, and another.

Capturing weddings; however, holds a special place in our hearts as we believe that the goal of 'work' is to provide for those you love-- it all starts here.

OWNERS/FILMMAKERS Jamie + Daniel Pasker

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"It's Our Passion"

"We love celebrating with others!"

Our approach is centered on our belief in marriage and in honoring the significance of your wedding day.

We have an eye for detail and we strive to both create and capture authentic moments that artfully portray the love you have on your wedding day. Our films are artfully designed and thought out in great detail to tell the story of your love in an elegant and beautiful manner. Each frame in our films is beautiful and can stand as it’s own piece of art.